Tip #24: Cataloging Large Print Books in Evergreen

A correct MARC records for a large print book contains the following elements:

  • A ‘d’ in the Form fixed field
  • The words ‘large print’ in parentheses following the pagination in the 300 field
  • A genre heading of “Large type books.”


Form fixed field = d
245 10 |aSkeleton Hill / |cPeter Lovesey.
300 __ |a573 p. (large print) ; |c23 cm.
655 _0 |aLarge type books.

In Evergreen, we do not use a general material designation (GMD) for large print. If you find a GMD for large print in a 245 field, please delete it.

If the item in hand states “large print version” or “large print edition”, add an edition statement in a 250 field:

250 __ Large print ed.

Cataloging large print materials in Evergreen is addressed on page 2.26 of the Cataloging Procedures Guide.
Originally published on February 19, 2010.

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