Tip #28: Audiobook Records—Library vs. Trade Editions

Obsolete: See Tip #184 Library & Trade Edition Audiobooks on One Record

When a library and a regular edition of a book on CD or cassette is available, each edition should be on a separate MARC record in accordance with cataloging rules for edition statements. This is true even if the two editions are identical except for the ISBN and the edition statement.
Keeping the two editions on separate records makes it easy for libraries to determine whether or not they have a library edition, which may qualify for discounted or free disc or cassette replacement.
Each edition will have its own ISBNs which should be recorded in the 020 fields. There will generally be no edition statement for the trade edition. (Remember, “Unabridged” and “Abridged” are not edition statements!) However, there should be a 250 field in the MARC record for the library edition since in most cases it does appear on the container.
You may find that some records have ISBNs for both editions. When importing records, be sure to select the correct record based on the edition statement and delete the ISBNs for the edition which do not apply to your item.

If a record already exists in Evergreen with the ISBNs for both editions:

  1. First determine whether the record is for the regular or library edition. This may be difficult, since the existing record may have been edited and no longer contain the right edition statements. Doing a Z39.50 search for each ISBN for comparison can be helpful.
  2. Once you know which edition the record was intended for, delete the ISBNs for the other edition and make sure the edition statement is correct.
  3. If the record in Evergreen is the right one for your item, add your holding. If not, import the correct record, delete any incorrect ISBNs, and attach your holding.
  4. Notify any libraries who have holdings on the record you changed so they can check their items and make sure they are attached to the correct record.

More complete instructions with examples on this topic will soon be added to the EI Cataloging Procedures Guide.
Originally published on March 19, 2010.

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