Tip #35: Original Cataloging—Vertical Files

Vertical files created at your library can be cataloged in Evergreen. Use the K-level book template and fill as many fields that you wish to.

There is no set standard in Evergreen Indiana as to what should be included in vertical records since they are K-level records. However, the more information in the record, the more keywords are created to assist your patrons in locating the material in the OPAC.

Things to consider:

  • You may want to include a 260 field to indicate the date the vertical file was created.
  • Decide if you want to include a 505 content note. If the materials in the file are subject to change, this may not be a good idea unless you plan to update the record regularly.
  • Add a 599 field for Vertical file.
  • Be sure to add at least one LCSH subject heading.

Here’s a sample of a vertical file MARC record:

008070101s2010 e 0 0 0 eng d
043. |a n-us-in
092 . |a H VF Acc
245 00.|a Accidents. |p Hendricks County, 2005 |h [vertical file]
260 |c [2010]
300. |a 1 manila folder ; |c 24 x 38 cm.
599 . |a Vertical file record.
650 0. |a Accidents |z Indiana |z Hendricks County.

Originally published on May 7, 2010.

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