Tip #57: Listservs for Catalogers

Here are some cataloger-oriented listservs that members of the EI Cataloging Committee have found to be helpful:

  1. Evergreen Support: Important Evergreen information is often cross-posted to the Cataloging Listserv, but information about system problems appear here first and in greater detail.
  2. OCLC-CAT: Created for use by OCLC users, non-OCLC library catalogers can also subscribe. Although most posts address issues specific to OCLC, there are some discussions about MARC records useful to all catalogers.
  3. ALCTS-eforum (Association for Library Collections & Technical Services): Periodically hosts eforums on topics of interest to catalogers. Popular forums can produces hundreds of posts, like the recent one on RDA, but you can temporarily unsubscribe if a pending eforum is not of interest to you.
  4. INCOLSA/MCLS listservs: Get announcements about upcoming training and roundtables.
  5. OLAC (Online Audiovisual Catalogers): A discussion for catalogers of nonprint materials.

If there are any other cataloging related listservs you would like to recommend, please let me know or simply post them at evergreen_indiana-catalog@lists.in.gov
Originally published on October 15, 2010.

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