Tip #61: Multiple home pages for your Internet Browser

Catalogers are constantly referring to online resources such as LOC Authorities and OCLC Bib Formats & Standards. A handy way to get these websites opened in your internet browser is to set them as home pages. Then when you click on Mozilla Firefox or Windows Explorer in the morning, all the internet resources are automatically opened for you and you are ready to begin cataloging.

To set up your internet browser to open multiple tabs at startup:

  1. Open each of the sites you want to display in different tabs. The order of the tabs will be saved, too, so think about what you want on the first tab, etc. Be sure to include LOC Authorities) and OCLC Bib Formats & Standards. You also might want tabs to open on other sites like your library’s calendar or blog.
  2. Select “Options” or “Internet Options” from the Tools pull-down menu at the top of your browser.
  3. Under the ‘General’ tab, select “Use current” or “Use current pages”. In Firefox, you also need to make sure you’ve elected to ‘show my home page’ when Firefox starts, which is also done on the ‘General’ tab.
  4. Click ‘OK’ in Firefox, or ‘Apply’ then ‘OK’ in Explorer.

The next time you open your browser, the tabs will appear exactly as you set them.
Originally published on November 12, 2010.

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