Tip #69: Breaking Up Combo Packs

If you want to repackage and circulate the individual DVDs of a combo pack separately, just create a different volume on the record for each component and use a descriptive call number so patrons and staff can tell which volume goes with each title. You can do the same thing for an audiobook with a bonus MP3. Add two volumes to the record, one for the audiobook and another for the MP3 and include title words in the call number so each can be identified. Be sure your staff knows how to place volume level holds.

If having the components of these packaged sets on the same record is totally unacceptable for your library, you’ll need to original catalog records for each component of the split set. Under no circumstances should you alter existing records to match the split up combo packs or audiobook/MP3 bonus sets.

However, if the components of the packaged sets have their own ISBNs and were at one time marketed separately, you may be able to find matching records for the separate pieces and import or attach to those.
Originally published on January 28, 2011.

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