Tip #78: Merging empty records

Empty records (those with zero holdings) clutter search results and are an annoyance to both library patrons and staff.

However, no matter how much you are tempted, please do not delete these empty records because they may be in use by libraries in the automation process.

Also, be aware that some records in Evergreen are supposed to be empty because they represent a downloadable electronic resource. These types of records can be identified by the GMD of [electronic resource]. Please leave these records alone.

The one thing we catalogers CAN do about empty records that are not for electronic resources is merge them with other matching records.

So when you encounter an empty record, remember:

  • never delete it;
  • leave it alone if the GMD is [electronic resource]; and
  • only merge if it is not an electronic resource and you are certain that the records match.

Originally published on April 1, 2011.

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