Tip #84: Reading levels, Lexile measurements, and the EI Catalog

Evergreen Indiana is a shared catalog, so the information in the MARC record needs to contain information accurate for all patrons. Since there is no single reading program in the state with the same level and point system, it was agreed back in 2009 that the 526 field (Study Program Information Note) not be used in Evergreen Indiana. This means that information such as Accelerated Reader (AR) levels and Reading Counts information should not be included in a MARC record in a 526 or any other note field. Catalogers can, however, add this information to their item in a copy note. {Superseded 2017-08-07: Renaissance Accelerated Reader entries are now available on a universal level and may be included in bibliographic records.}

Lexile® measures, on the other hand, are universal and are appropriate in any EI record.
To determine the Lexile® measure for a book, go to the MetaMetrics Inc. website.

Add the Lexile information in the 521 (Audience) field:

521 8_ |a 770 |b Lexile.
521 8_ |a 920 |b Lexile.

If you see reading program information such as Accelerated Reader (AR) or Reading Counts in a MARC record, please delete it. All 526 fields should be removed from Evergreen records. Lexile® measures should NOT be deleted. However, if the Lexile measure is located somewhere other than a 521 field, please correctly input the information as shown above.

See page 2.23 of the Cataloging Procedures Guide for more information about Lexile Measures in Evergreen. You may learn more about Lexile® measures here: About Lexile® Measures for Reading.
Originally published on May 14, 2011.

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