Tip #92: New coding for genre headings

The Library of Congress (LOC) has decided to separate subject headings from genre/form terms. The new list of genre/form terms is now referred to as the Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms for Library and Archival Materials.

Until May of this year [2011], both LOC genre/form terms and LOC subject headings were coded LCSH. If we used a subject or genre/form heading in a 6xx field, we used a 0 as the second indicator to identify the heading as being from the Library of Congress. Now that the two types of headings are separated, the genre/form headings can no longer be coded LCSH. Instead, Library of Congress genre/form terms must be coded LCGFT.

The new way to code LOC genre/form headings in a MARC record is: 655 _7 |a (genre/form heading). |2 lcgft The 7 in the second indicator slot means that the source of the heading is identified in subfield 2. Note there is a period following the genre/form term but none after the lcgft. In bibliographic records, genre/form terms are always contained in the 655 field.


655 _7 |a Graphic novels. |2 lcgft
655_7 |a Audiobooks. |2 lcgft
655 _7 |a Large type books. |2 lcgft
655 _7 |a Alternative rock music. |2 lcgft
655 _7 |a Love stores. |2 lcgft

Coding for LOC subject headings remains the same:

650 _0 |a (subject heading).

(You don’t need a subfield 2 because the 0 in the second indicator slot means the source is LCSH.)
Evergreen catalogers are required to use at least one Library of Congress subject heading (LCSH) in a bibliographic record. Genre/form headings are optional, but strongly encouraged. A list of Library of Congress Genre/Form Headings can be found at: .
Originally published on July 8, 2011.

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