Tip #95: Cheat Sheet—5xxFields for DVDs (Updated)

A bibliographic record for a videorecording is loaded with 5xx fields. Unlike the rest of the variable fields, these note fields are not supposed to be in exact numerical order. To help EI catalogers get the 5xx fields in correct order, we distributed a cheatsheet in November of 2009 that was very popular. Here it is again, slightly updated.

5xx fields for DVDs

538—Format, such as “DVD; region 1; widescreen (1.85:1) presentation; NTSC.”
546—Language and captioning, such as “Language tracks in English, dubbed French or dubbed Spanish, with optional English, French or Spanish subtitles.” or “Closed-captioned.”
500—Source of title proper, if other than the video title frames (the film itself) or physical carrier labels (disc surface). Example: “Title from container.”
500—Notes about variations in the title and parallel titles (Use a 246 field for the actual variant title)
511—Cast, players, performers, narrators, presenters. 1st indicator is a 1 (cast) or 0 (no display constant).
508—Credits: list of persons other than cast who are not listed in the 245. List the function first and separate functions with a semicolon. Example: “Photographers, Carlos Ruiz and Bill Thompson ; Photo editor, Susan Moore.”
500—Edition & history, such as “Originally released as a motion picture in 2009.”, “Based on the novel by __.”, or “Sequel to: ______.”
518—Notes about when and where item was filmed, broadcast, etc., such as “Film on location in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.”
500—Any further publication history and distribution information not in the 260, such as “First released in Canada in 2010.”
500—Physical characteristics of recording, such as sound, color, double-sided. (However, combine with 538 if present)
500—Notes about accompanying material
500—Notes about series information, such as “Series information from container insert.”
521—Audience (MPAA rating). 1st indicator is usually an 8 (no display constant). Also add statements from container such as “Suggested for ages 3-5.”
530—Notes about other formats, such as “Also issued on videocassette.”
500—Descriptive contents note, such as “Special features include…..”
500—Notes about any publisher’s numbers an UPC codes
540—Terms governing use and reproduction
586—Awards note, such as “Academy Award, 2009: Best Picture; Best Director.”
501—”With” notes

Remember, all 5xx fields end with a period.

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