Tip #96: Audiobook cataloging reminders

  • In the fixed fields, the type is always ‘i’, for nonmusical sound recording.
  • Use the GMD ‘sound recording’ in the 245 for all audiobooks, whether on cassette or CD.
    Example: 245 10$a Death of a witch $h [sound recording] / $c M.C. Beaton.
  • The library edition and the regular (trade) edition of an audiobook belong on separate records. If the ISBN for the wrong edition is on your record, take it out.
  • Add series information, if applicable.
  • The most common 5xx note fields go in this order:
    500 __ Series numeration from Fantastic Fiction. (Series note)
    511 0_ Performed by Scott Brick. (Cast)
    500 __ Unabridged. (Edition and history)
    500 __ Compact discs. (Physical edition)
    520 __ Hamish Macbeth, Scotland’s most laconic and low-tech policeman, investigates the death of a woman with seemingly unearthly powers. (Summary note)
  • Use the Library of Congress Genre/Form heading “Audiobooks”.
    Example: 655 _7 Audiobooks. $2 lcgft

See p. 2.34-2.37 of the EI Cataloging Procedures Guide and the Tip of the Week # 28 (March 2010) for more information about separating library and regular editions of audiobooks.
Originally published on August 5, 2011.

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