Tip #100: Edition Statement Tips (250 field)

Attaching to a 1st ed. record (250 field):

  • If you have an item that matches an existing Evergreen record in every way except that the existing record is for a 1st ed. and your item has no edition information, you can still attach your holding. (Do not delete the edition statement.)
  • If your item is a different edition involving a number (2nd ed.) or languages (Spanish ed.), geography (Midwest ed.) or content (Rev. ed., Student ed.), do not attach to the record with a 1st ed. statement.
  • If your item is a Book club ed. or pbk. ed., you can attach to a 1st ed. record but only if everything else in the record matches. Do not change the edition statement.
  • If you are able to attach to a 1st ed. record, be sure to add your item’s ISBN in a 020 field if not already present in the record.

Edition Statements on DVDs:

Unless the container or disc label uses the words “edition” or “version” when identifying the film as widescreen or standard, these are not edition statements. However, it this information is needed to
distinguish one record from another, you can add the information in the 250 but ONLY if:

  1. The information is put in brackets, such as [Widescreen], AND
  2. There really are multiple versions available. If the box says ‘widescreen’ but you are not aware of a standard or full frame version available, there is no need to put this information in the 250 field.

Other tips for the 250 field:

  • If a statement says “edition”, “issue”, “version”, “release”, “level”, or “update”, consider it an edition statement.
  • The 250 field is not repeatable, so if there is more than one edition statement on a resource, choose the most useful one for the 250 and enter the other statement as a 500 Edition and History Note.
  • Transcribe the edition statement as it appears on your item, but use AACR2 abbreviations – ed. for edition, rev. for revised, 2nd for second, and so on.
  • “Unabridged” is NOT an edition. This information belongs in a 500 field.
  • Never change the edition statement on a record you find in the Evergreen database.

Originally published on September 9, 2011.

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