Tip #102: Cheat Sheet for 007 field for DVDs and Blu-ray

The 007 field contains coded information about the physical characteristics of the material being cataloged. Evergreen catalogers mainly see 007 fields on bibliographic records for videos, sound recordings, and electronic resources. This field does not appear on MARC records for books.

The 007 is a fixed field, which means the contents are position dependent. In Evergreen, the subfield codes (|a, |b, |c, etc.) do not display. There are no indicators for the 007 field.

A typical 007 field for a DVD looks like this in Evergreen:

007 __ vd cvaizq

Note the space between the ‘d’ and ‘c’. That third position (subfield c) is undefined, so in order to keep all the codes in the correct slot, there has to be a blank space.

Here’s a cheat sheet for coding the 007 field for Blu-rays and DVDs:

Subfield a = v
Subfield b = d
Subfield c = blank space
Subfield d = c if in color; = b if black & white; = m if a combination
Subfield e = v if DVD; = s if Blu-ray; = z if HD DVD
Subfield f = a
Subfield g = i
Subfield h = z
Subfield i = s if stereo; = m if mono; = q if four or more channels; = k if mixed, such as a stereo and surround sound

Other examples:

007 __ vd bvaizm (An older, black and white movie)
007 __ vd csaizq (Blu-ray disc)

NOTE: A bibliographic record for an enhanced DVD will have a second 007 field because it is also an electronic resource. The first letter in that 007 field will be a ‘c’.

Visit the OCLC 007 Resource Page for more information about coding the 007 field for DVDs and Blu-ray discs.
Originally published on September 23, 2011.

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