Tip #107: Cataloging Large Print Books in Evergreen

Bibliographic records for large print books can be identified by:

  • A ‘d’ in the Form fixed field,
  • the words ‘large print’ in parentheses following the pagination in the 300 field, and
  • a genre heading of “Large type books.”

Large print books should never be attached to bibliographic records for regular print books.

When editing a large print book record in Evergreen:

  1. Add a ‘d’ in the Form fixed field if it’s missing. Without this code, the record will not be included in advanced search results filtered for large print.
  2. If the item in hand states “large print version” or “large print edition”, add an edition statement in a 250 field.
  3. Add the words “(large print)” in parentheses following the pagination in the 300 field.
  4. Remove the “|h [text (large print)]” or similar GMD from the 245 field, if present.
  5. Remove any ISBNs for regular print books. Remember to remove the price from all 020 fields.
  6. Add a 655 genre heading of “Large type books”, if missing.


Form fixed field = d
245 10 $a Clara and Mr. Tiffany / $c Susan Vreeland.
250 __ $a Large print ed.
260 __ $a Waterville, Me. : $b Thorndike Press, $c 2011.
300 __ $a 659 p. (large print) ; $c 22 cm.
655 _0 $a Large type books.

It’s easy to add a 520 Summary note and subject headings to a large print record. Search for the regular print version in Evergreen and use the flat text editor to copy and past these fields into the large print record.

In Evergreen, we do not use a general material designation (GMD) for large print. Large print books are easily identified in the OPAC by the words “large print” in the 300 field.

The Library of Congress has not yet issued a genre/form authority record for large type books, so continue to use the coding shown above. Once large type books are added to the new thesauri, the second indicator will be a 7 instead of 0 and a subfield 2 followed by ‘lcgft’ will be added.

Cataloging large print materials in Evergreen is addressed on pages 2.28-2.29 of the Cataloging Procedures Guide. Genre headings are covered on page 2.25.
Originally published on October 28, 2011.

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