Tip #117: Fixed Field Change for Playaways

There’s been a change in the Form fixed field element that should be used for Playaways.

Instead of using an ‘s’ in this field, EI Catalogers should now code the Form fixed field ‘q’, which means ‘direct electronic’ (not requiring the use of a computer).

Most new Playaway records you import should already contain this updated coding, but check to be sure. If you attach to an older Playaway record already in Evergreen, there’s a good chance it contains the outdated Form field coding.

Other things to remember when cataloging Playaways:

  • Playaways are cataloged on the sound recording format. (Fixed field Type ‘i’ if a nonmusical sound recording)
  • The General Material Designator (GMD) is always [electronic resource].
  • The size in the 300 field is given in inches, not centimeters.
  • Information about batteries and earphones belongs in a 500 field, never the 300 field.
  • Always include a 655 field for “Audiobooks”. ( 655 _7 |a Audiobooks. |2 lcgft )
  • Don’t put “Unabridged” or “Abridged” in the 250 field unless the words “edition” or “version” are used on the device or container. Instead, put this information in a 500 field.
  • The form element in the fixed field is an “q”.

A sample Playaway record can be found on page 2.35-2.36 of the EI Cataloging Procedures Guide. This guide will soon be updated to reflect the new fixed field and 655 coding.
Originally published on January 20, 2012.

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