Tip #129: Deleting holdings in the Item Status screen

An easy way to remove several items at one time from the Evergreen catalog is to use the Item Status Screen. Rather than go into the Holdings Maintenance screen for each holding you wish to withdraw from your collection, just scan each one into the Item Status Screen (F5), then delete all the items and volumes in three easy steps:

  1. Highlight all the items you wish to delete (Click on the first, then last barcode while holding down the Shift key).
  2. From the Action for Catalogers pull-down menu, select Delete Items.
    1. Click OK when the ‘are you sure’ window pops up.
    2. Click OK again when the ‘items deleted’ window appears.
  3. From the Action for Catalogers pull-down menu, select Delete Volumes (the items should already be highlighted from the Delete Items process).
    1. Click “delete” when the ‘are you sure’ window appears.
    2. Click OK when the ‘volumes deleted’ window pops up.

IMPORTANT: If, instead of the ‘volumes deleted’ window, you get a message advising you must delete all items before deleting a volume, that means that one or more of the items in your list was attached to a volume that still isn’t empty. You cannot (and don’t want to) delete a volume that is not empty. Unfortunately, Evergreen doesn’t clue you in on which title in your list is associated with a not-empty volume, so if you don’t know, you’ll have to highlight the list a section at a time and delete the volumes in groups until you have the non-empty volume isolated.

If you are deleting several items, it will take a while before the ‘are you sure’ window appears. It’s probably a good idea to not delete more than about 50 items at a time.

Note that there is no ‘right click’ option. You must use the Action for Catalogers pull-down menu to delete items and volumes.

It’s very important that you delete all empty volumes as well as the items.

Any empty volume left on a record will prevent the record from automatically being removed when the last holding is withdrawn. This is different than deleting items in the Holdings Maintenance screen, where volumes automatically disappear when the last item is removed.
Originally published on April 13, 2012.

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