Tip #135: CIP Record Reminders

CIP (Cataloging In Publication) MARC records require more than the usual amount of editing when importing them into Evergreen. These records were created without the actual item in hand so information is often missing or incorrect. CIP records can be easily recognized by the “8” in the Encoding Level (ELvl) fixed field.

Records already in Evergreen that were one time CIP records may not have been carefully edited so be sure to examine them closely for missing or incorrect information.

When editing a CIP record:

  • Make sure the title in the 245 field matches the information on the title page. There may be subtle differences that can be easily overlooked. Subtitles may be totally different or nonexistent.
  • Check the order of the authors in the statement of responsibility (245, subfield c). Remember changes here affect the 100 and 700 fields.
  • Always delete the 263 field. This was the projected publication date, so it’s no longer important.
  • Complete the pagination, illustration, and dimension fields in the 300 field. Until the book was actually published, there was no way to know this information, so this field is always blank except for “p. cm.”.
    Remember to put the information in appropriate subfields (|a for pagination, |b for illustrations, and |c for dimensions). Don’t forget punctuation, and remember anything indicated in subfield ‘b’ needs to be reflected in the Illustrations (Ills) fixed field.
  • Add edition and series information (if applicable).
  • Add page numbers for the bibliographic references in the 504 field (if applicable).
  • Check the contents listed in the 505 (if applicable).
  • Replace the “8” in the Encoding Level (ELvl) fixed field with a “K” to reflect the new level of cataloging, or you can just leave the field blank. If you leave it blank, remember you need to create a space in the field to replace the 8, otherwise the change won’t “take”.

Don’t be misled by title and other information in the CIP portion of the title page verso. The MARC record should be based on the actual item.
Originally published on June 1, 2012.

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