Tip #142: Changing an item’s status while being repaired

When damaged and worn materials are sent to your Tech Services for repair or evaluation, it’s a good idea to change the item status so that the material no longer appears as available in the Evergreen database.

There are several status options to choose from:

  • If the item status is changed to ‘Temporarily Unavailable’, ‘Damaged’, or ‘Discard/Weed’, the material becomes invisible in the OPAC but your staff can still ‘see’ the item and its status on the Holdings Maintenance screen. Patrons and staff cannot place holds on items with these statuses.
  • If the item status is changed to ‘Mending’, the material is still visible in the OPAC. Both patrons and staff can see that the status of the item is ‘Mending’ and holds can be placed on the material. If the decision is made to withdraw the item, this can be done without changing the status.

If the material is returned to circulation, the status can be changed either in the copy editor screen on by checking the item in:

  • If using the check-in method, just click ‘yes’ when asked to ‘Force this action?’
  • You can change the status of several items at once by scanning them into the Item Status screen, highlighting all items and then selecting ‘Edit Item Attributes’ from either the Action for Catalogers pull-down menu or right clicking on the highlighted items.
  • If your material’s status was ‘mending’, be sure to also check the item in if the status was changed in the copy editor screen. Otherwise, any holds placed while the item was being repaired will not be trapped.

Originally published on July 20, 2012.

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