Tip #147: Please no RDA / AACR2 hybrids in Evergreen!

Obsolete: See Tip#183: RDA & AACR2 Hybrid Records

When given a choice, most Evergreen catalogers are choosing to import and edit AACR2 records rather than RDA records. Sometimes, though, a RDA record is the only option if we don’t want to original catalog.

If you import an RDA record and know how to edit according to RDA rules, that’s fantastic. However, if you do not know RDA, please don’t create a ‘hybrid’ by editing an RDA record according to AACR2 rules. Records in Evergreen need to be either RDA or AACR2, not a combination.

If you import a RDA record that is lacking important information but you’re not sure how to edit the record according to RDA rules, you have the option of converting that record to an AACR2 record.

Here’s how to change a RDA record into an acceptable AACR2 one:

  1. Change the ‘i’ to an ‘a’ in the Desc fixed field.
  2. Delete the subfield ‘e’ from the 040 field.
  3. Delete fields 336, 337, and 338.
  4. Check all the variable fields for words that should be abbreviated under AACR2 rules (such as ‘illustrations’, ‘pages’, ‘book’ and ‘edition’).
  5. Add a period after ‘cm’ in the 300 field.
  6. Add a GMD to the 245 field if appropriate.
  7. Edit the record according to AACR2 rules.

Originally published on August 24, 2012.

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