Tip #150: The new “Delete Volume and Items” button in 2.2

Whenever the last item in a volume is removed, it’s very important that the volume is also deleted. The presence of a volume on a record, even if it is empty, will prevent the record from being automatically removed from the database when all the holdings are gone. This will result in the creation of another one of those dreaded empty records.

A new tool for catalogers who need to delete both an item and its volume is the “Delete Volume and Items” button. The button is available in both the Holdings Maintenance and the Item Status screen. The Item Status screen is handy if you are deleting multiple items. However, because the “Delete Volume and Items” button will delete ALL the items in the volume, only use the Item Status screen if you are absolutely sure the item(s) you want deleted do not share a volume with items you want to keep.

How to use the button in the Holdings Maintenance screen:

  1. View the holding you wish to delete in the Holdings Maintenance screen.
  2. Check the volume for the item you wish to delete to make sure there are no items in that volume that you do NOT want to delete.
  3. Highlight the volume.
  4. Right click and select “Delete Volumes”.
  5. Click “Delete” in the ‘are you sure?’ window.
  6. In the next popup window, click the “Delete Volume and Items” button.
  7. No confirmation window appears, but the Holdings Maintenance screen will refresh to show that both the item and volume have been deleted.

How to use the button in the Item Status screen:

  1. Scan in all the items you wish to delete.
  2. Highlight all items.
  3. Click on “Actions for Catalogers” and select “Delete Volumes”.
  4. Click “Delete” in the ‘are you sure?’ window.
  5. In the next popup window, click the “Delete Volume and Items” button.
  6. No confirmation window appears. (You can try to scan items into Evergreen if you want to confirm they have been deleted.)

Be CAREFUL using the Item Status Screen. There is NO popup warning you if there are other items in the volume. All items in the volume will be deleted, even if they were not scanned into the Item Status screen. If you are not sure if there are other items in the volume, either use the old method (select “Delete Items”, then “Delete Volumes”) or use the Holdings Maintenance Screen.
Originally published on September 28, 2012.

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