Tip #163: Local Notes & Subject Headings Reminder

Because bibliographic records are shared by all members of the consortium, information of a strictly local nature should never be included in an Evergreen record. This includes donor and memorial information, prices, book condition, purchase dates, local subject headings, and autographed copy information.

An alternative to adding local information to a bib record is to attach it to your library’s holding in the form of a copy note. Check your EI Cataloging Manual for information on how to add a copy note.

Special subject headings for Indiana authors, Indiana actors, Indiana musicians, etc. are permitted in Evergreen. Below are some examples:

650 _0 |a Authors |z Indiana.
650 _0 |a Musicians |z Indiana.
650 _0 |a Actors |z Indiana |z Ripley County.
650 _0 |a Artist |z Indiana |z Waveland.

If you find a local note or subject heading on an Evergreen record (often found in a 590 or 690 field), please delete it. If you can determine which library entered the local info, send a courtesy email advising what information was removed from the record in case the library wishes to add the information to their holding in a copy note.
Originally published on January 18, 2013.

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