Tip #164: Evergreen Shortcuts

A few Evergreen shortcuts you may not know about

  1. Double clicking on the Holdings Maintenance Screen: Double click on your holding (the line containing the barcode) to bring up the copy editor. No need to right click and select from a pull-down – just double click!
  2. Use the column headings to sort scanned items. Just click on the heading you wish to sort by. This works in any screen with column headings – Item Status, Check-In, Copy Buckets, and Record Buckets.
  3. Just need to swap a barcode? Click on “Edit” at the top of any screen and select “Replace Barcode”. In the little window, scan the old barcode and then the new one.
  4. Find a great record you want to keep as an example for training or future reference? Use the “Actions for this Record” button to switch to the MARC View. Then click the Print Page button above the variable fields. All variable fields print, but you lose the fixed field grid.

Originally published on January 25, 2013.

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