Tip #174: Statement of Responsibility (245 subfield c) in an RDA record

In RDA, there is no “rule of three” like there is in AACR2. The general RDA rule is to transcribe a statement of responsibility in the form in which it appears, including the titles and honorifics. Record persons, families, and corporate bodies.

However, if more than three names are listed as performing the same responsibility or the same degree of responsibility, RDA also gives the option to omit all but the first name and summarize what has been omitted with words such as [and 4 others] in brackets. (Don’t use [et al.] or “…” in RDA.) For instance, if more than 3 authors are listed and none are singled out as the primary author, then you can omit as many names as you wish, so long as you list the first name. If there are four producers and five writers listed on a resource, you must list one producer and one writer but the rest of the names are optional. However, if only two or three persons, families, or corporate bodies share a responsibility, then all names must be included.

The Evergreen Indiana RDA cataloging guideline recently agreed upon by the EI Cataloging Committee is to accept the existing statement of responsibility as found, so long as it meets the guidelines above, but add more names and information to the record if desired. Please don’t delete any part of the existing statement, but add names and titles if you believe they are important and could be of interest to our patrons. So if you import an RDA record with a statement of responsibility listing 4 of the 6 authors, you can leave the record as is or enhance it by adding the omitted authors.

Examples of RDA statements of responsibility (field 245, subfield c):

|c by Elliott Golding [and six others].
|c Sally Katz, Betty Jones, Thomas Rice [and two others]
|c Hollywood Pictures ; produced by Clint Eastwood [and four others] ; written by Ken Roberts and Robert Kent [and two others] ; directed by Billy Jones.
|c by General Colin Powell.
|c by Queen Elizabeth.
|c by retired Corporal John James.
|c Richard Evans Schultes, Edward C. Jeffrey Professor of Biology and Director of the Botanical Museum, Harvard University, and William A. Davis, Keeper of Scientific Exhibits, Botanical Museum, Harvard University, with Hillel Burger, Chief Photographer, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University.
|c sponsored by the America Library Association.
|c by the late Reverend John Hughes.

Originally published on April 5, 2013.

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