Tip #180: Customize your screens with the column picker

Most Evergreen screens used by catalogers can be customized by using the column picker. The column picker allows us to choose what information is displayed on each screen. The list varies depending on the function of the screen. Once the columns are selected, we can resize and rearrange the columns to best suit our needs. Then the settings can be saved.

Even seasoned Evergreen catalogers may benefit from periodically evaluating screen settings and making some changes. As we become more experienced in Evergreen, new approaches to everyday tasks are developed which may lead to wanting different information displayed. Even if you’re happy with the type of information displayed, think about the current location of that information and whether it could save you time (and prevent errors) if the columns were moved around.

Many catalogers, for example, use the Item Status (F5) screen to check their work. Do you check shelving locations to make sure they match the call numbers? If so, move those columns next to each other. Have a habit of forgetting to put in the price? Make sure that column is displayed so you’ll be sure to catch the mistake.

To use the column picker:

  1. Look for the little column picker icon to the right of the column headings. Click on it to display the available columns. Click on an entry in the pull-down list to add or remove it from the screen.
  2. To resize columns, move the cursor over the line between the column headings until it turns into a double pointed arrow. Then click and drag the column boundaries around to resize.
  3. Rearrange the columns by clicking on them one at a time and dragging to the desired location.
  4. After customizing the screen, don’t forget to save the columns so they will appear that way each time you log on to that computer. On the Item Status screen, look for the ‘Save Columns’ option under both the “Actions for Catalogers” and the “Actions for Selected Items” pull-down menus. ‘Save Columns’ is found under “Actions for Selected Rows” on the Holdings Maintenance screen. When customizing the Bucket and Z39.50
    screens, click on the “List Actions” button at the bottom left of the screen and chose to save the list or column configuration. On the View Holds screen, use the “Actions for Selected Holds” pull-down menu.

Originally published on May 17, 2013.

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