Tip #182: Adding an Awards Note (field 586)

Use an Awards Note (field 586) to add information about awards associated with the resource you are cataloging. Awards information is important to many patrons, so taking a minute to enhance the record is worth the effort.

Here are some samples, using the format suggested in the EI Procedures Guide. Always add a date. If you’re not sure, check the Internet. The awards information does not have to be on your item or packaging to be included in the record. You may get awards information from any source.

These examples comply with both AACR2 and RDA standards:

586 __ |a Academy Award, 2010: Best Actor (Jeff Bridges).
586 __ |a Academy Award, 1997: Best Picture.
586 __ |a Nebula Award, 2001.
586 __ |a Caldecott Medal, 1999.

The only subfield other than ‘a’ that is ever used in this field is subfield 3. If you are cataloging a kit containing an award winning item, use this subfield to identify which item in the kit won the award:

586 __ |3 Videodisc |a Academy Award, 2011: Best Foreign Language Film.

Originally published on May 31, 2013.

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