Tip# 183: RDA & AACR2 Hybrid Records

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In this week’s tip, we are revoking a former recommendation of the committee, posted as Tip #147: Please no RDA / AACR2 hybrids in Evergreen!

RDA/AACR2 hybrid records are now permitted in Evergreen Indiana.

Because OCLC has decided to add RDA elements to existing AACR2 records, and many libraries are likely to follow suit, hybrid records are becoming more and more common in catalogs. As functions are added to the catalog to take advantage of the new fields, there are likely to be advantages to having RDA elements in the AACR2 records.  You are welcome to continue to convert records fully to RDA as you become more familiar with the new rules, but it is no longer required to convert hybrid records to one or the other.

You can learn more about OCLC’s policy and the RDA elements you are likely to see in AACR2 records by watching this webinar.


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