Tip #184 Library & Trade Edition Audiobooks on One Record

At the last Cataloging Committee meeting, the Committee voted to change the policy on cataloging trade and library editions of audiobooks. Previously the guideline was to use separate records for each edition, but the committee has voted to allow combining these on a single record when the content is the same. Since generally the only difference in these is the packaging, this is more in line with the guidelines for cataloging books with the same content but different bindings on the same record. We think this will be more straight-forward for both catalogers and users.

The section on the new policy from Chapter Three of the Procedure Guide reads as follows:

Audiobooks: library and regular (trade) editions
Library edition audiobooks are usually identical to the trade edition except for the ISBN and possibly the publisher number and packaging. In some cases they may have also library edition statement. The edition statement can be ignored, if the extent and contents of the items are the same–including number of discs, time, and narrator.
There is usually a more favorable replacement policy for library edition audiobooks, so it is recommended that copy notes be used if you need to denote which edition your library owns.

A trade edition for an audiobook may be attached to a record for a library edition if everything else on the record matches the item in hand. A library edition audiobook may likewise be attached to a record for a trade edition.

If all other criteria match, be sure to add the ISBN and publisher number (028 field) to the record before attaching if not already present. Identifying the ISBN as for the library or trade edition may be helpful to other catalogers.

020 __ |a 9780804148399 (library edition)

Note that both Chapter Two and Chapter Three of the Procedure Guide have been updated to reflect the new policy. The current versions can be found below. Please update any saved or printed copies you have.

Current Procedure Guide

Due to this policy change, Tip #28 Audiobook Records—Library vs. Trade Editions is no longer valid.

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