Tip #13: Edition Statements

If your item in hand contains no edition statement, you can still attach it to a record displaying ‘1st ed.’ in the 250 field if everything else matches. If the ISBN for your item is not already on the record, be sure to add it in an 020 field.

If, however, your item in hand indicates it is a later edition (2nd, 9th, 25th anniversary, etc.), do not attach to the 1st ed. record, even if everything else looks the same.

Please do not change the edition statement on a record you find in the Evergreen database. If you’re updating your collection with a newer edition, you’ll need to delete your holding for the older edition and then find a different record with the correct edition statement and attach the new item to that record. This is true even if all other information in the record appears the same because other libraries may still own holdings for the older edition.

Other tips for the 250 field:

  • If a statement says “edition”, “issue”, or “version”, then consider it an edition statement.
  • The 250 field is not repeatable, so if there is more than one edition statement on a resource, choose the most useful one for the 250 and enter the other statement as a 500 Edition and History Note.
  • “Unabridged” is NOT an edition. This information also belongs in a 500 field.

Originally published on November 20, 2009.

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