Tip #14: Cheat Sheet – 5xx Field Order for DVDs

Remembering the correct order for the 5xx fields is not easy. Many of us catalogers have cheat sheets hiding under our keyboards already, but here’s one especially for DVDs:


546—Language and captioning
500—Source of title proper, such as “Title from container”
500—Notes about variations in the title
500—Notes about parallel titles
511—Cast – players, performers, narrators, presenters
508—Credits – List persons other than cast
500—Edition history—such as the original release date of a motion picture
500—Any further publication history and distribution information
500—Physical characteristics of recording, such as sound, color, double–sided disc
500—Notes about accompanying material
500—Notes about series information, such as “Series information from container insert.”
521—Audience (MPAA rating)
530—Notes about other formats “Also issued on videocassette”
500—Notes about any publisher’s numbers and UPC codes
540—Terms governing use and reproduction
501—“With” notes

Because the records for videorecordings are often huge, it’s especially important to get the 5xx fields in the right order. This makes it easier to check the Evergreen record against information on the item in hand when cataloging. Limitations of many of our previous automation systems did not allow for the correct ordering of 5xx fields, so many records migrated to Evergreen with the 5xx fields in numerical, not AACR2 order. We should all do what we can to straighten out the records.
Originally published on November 27, 2009.

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