Tip #18: Subsequent Titles

If the item being cataloged is made up of more than one work by the same author but does not have an inclusive, collective title, use subfield b for the subsequent title(s).
Separate the subsequent titles with a semicolon. This means subfield b is preceded by a semicolon, not a colon.
Transcribe the titles in the order they appear on the chief source of information.
Capitalize the first word of each title.
You can use an a 7xx field to provide access to the subsequent titles.
If a single subtitle applies to all works (by a single author), place it after all the titles, preceded by a colon.

245 12 |aA Christmas kiss ;|b and, Winter wonderland /|cElizabeth Mansfield.
740 02 |aWinter wonderland.

245 14 |aThe cat in the hat |h[videorecording] ;|bThe cat in the hat comes back ; Fox in socks /|cRandom House Home Video.
740 42 |aThe cat in the hat comes back.
740 02 |aFox in socks.

245 10 |aDinny and the witches ;|band, The miracle worker : two plays.
740 42 |aThe miracle worker.

Note that field 246 (varying form of title) is only used for titles related to the work selected as the title proper, not the subsequent titles listed in subfield b.

In cases where one of the works in a resource is predominant, do not follow these guidelines but use the predominant title as the title proper in the 245 and put the other title(s) in a 505 (contents note).
Originally published on January 8, 2010.

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