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Tip #166: Missing 008 Fields

A missing 008 field in a bibliographic record causes problems for catalogers trying to update the fixed field grid. Changes made in the fixed field via the grid cannot be saved if there is no 008.

Here’s why: The fixed field grid is really just an easy way to enter data into the 008 field. So if the record is corrupted and there is no 008 field to change, then the fixed field grid cannot function properly.

To solve the problem of a missing 008, you can either overlay the record with a ‘healthy’ one OR add an 008 field to fix the record already in Evergreen.

The only way to add an 008 to a record is with the Flat Text Editor:

  1. Open both the ‘problem’ record and a good similar record (a book record if you’re cataloging a book, a DVD record if you’re cataloging a DVD, etc.) in different tabs
  2. Select “Flat-Text editor” for both records (in MARC edit screen)
  3. Copy the 008 from the good record and paste it into your corrupted record
  4. Deselect the flat text editor, and make the appropriate changes to the fixed field grid to match your item.

Originally published on February 8, 2013.

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