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Tip #171: The 082 field

The 082 field contains the Dewey Decimal call number assigned by the Library of Congress or other national agencies. New as well as experienced catalogers use the 082 field as a starting point when determining the call number to use for a resource.

This field should not be edited or deleted from an Evergreen record.

If you import or edit a record without a 082 field, you may add one if you copy it from a duplicate record, a record for a different edition, or the CIP (cataloging-in-publication) information at the front of a book. When merging, always copy the 082 into the lead record if this field is missing.

If the 082 is missing and there is no place from which to copy the one assigned by the Library of Congress, you may assign a Dewey Decimal Classification number according to the DDC schedules or to LC practice.

In this case, or if you copy the 082 from a different edition, be sure to use a 2nd indicator of 4, to show that the number was not actually assigned by the Library of Congress.

If you decide upon a Dewey Decimal number for your item independent of the DDC schedules and LC practice, please do not put that number in a 082 field. Recording a locally assigned Dewey number in a 092 field is also inappropriate because the is a consortium environment. Simply create your volume using the local call number and attach your holding.
Originally published on March 15, 2013.

Tip #5: Suggested Dewey Decimal Classification

The 082 MARC field (Dewey Decimal Classification Number) should NOT be edited for any reason in Evergreen Indiana.
This number is the suggested DDC number for the title as assigned by the Library of Congress. It does not have to match the number your library elects to use.
Only put your call number on your holding (when you add the volume) and leave the 082 field as it is.
Originally published on September 25, 2009.

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