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Tip #44: Subject subdivision subfields v, x, y, and z

When adding subject headings to your resource, be sure to use the correct subfields. There are four subdivision subfields to choose from:

  • v : Form subdivision. Use v when describing the kind of material or genre of the resource. The most common subdivision subfield v is ‘Fiction’. It is usually the last subdivision subfield in a field.
    • 650 0 |a Actors |z United States |v Biography.
    • 651 0 |a North Carolina |v Guidebooks.
  • x : General subdivision. This is the subdivision subfield for general topical terms that narrow the scope of the subject heading. If your term explains what the resource is about, then it belongs in a subfield x.
    • 650 0 |a Men |x Health and hygiene.
  • y : Chronological subdivision. If your term narrows the scope of the subject heading by defining the time period, use y instead of x.
    • 651 0 |a Chicago (Ill.) |x History |y 19th century.
  • z : Geographic subdivision. Use z if the subdivision is a location.
    • 650 0 |a Search and rescue operations |z Bering Sea.

Caution: Not every date belongs in subdivision subfield y|:

  • If the date defines when a work was written, then it belongs in subfield v.
    • 600 00 |a Gautama Buddha |v Biography |v Early works to 1800.
  • If the date is used to define a specific event rather than narrow the scope of your resource, it also does not belong in subfield y.
    • 650 0 |a World War, 1939-1945 |x Research |v Fiction.

Note: Older MARC records may contain form subdivisions in a subfield x. When editing records in Evergreen, these should be changed to v.

Reminder: The first word in each subdivision is capitalized, and the last subdivision is followed by a period.
Originally published on July 16, 2010.

Tip #36: Adding Subject Headings

Evergreen Cat1 catalogers are required to use at least one established subject heading in all bibliographic records.

To satisfy this requirement, catalogers and not limited to the 650 field, but can add other 6xx fields such as a 600, 610, or 651.

Please use Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH). One of the easiest ways to check for authorized headings is online at

Hint: If you are cataloging material that is available in another format or edition, you can often find subject headings for your item on one of those other records.

Please do not add local subject headings.

Here’s a quick description of the different 6xx fields you can use to satisfy the EI subject heading requirement:

Topical headings:

650 _0 |a Apples |x Harvesting.

Geographic headings:

651 _0 |a United States |x History |y French and Indian War, 1755-1763.

Personal names:

600 10 |a Horne, Lena.

Corporate names:

610 10 |a Indiana. |b Dept. of Child Services.

Originally published on May 14, 2010.

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