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Tip #88: Statement of Responsibility for DVDs

The credits on a DVD container can go on forever, so catalogers have to decide whose name gets to go in the 245 subfield c and who winds up in the 508 note field when cataloging DVDs.

The general rule is that the director, producer and writer/screenwriter go in the statement of responsibility. However, if someone else has a major role in creating the film, such as the director of animation for an animated film, the songwriter for musicals, or the choreographer for ballet, they can also be included in the 245. The sponsor (‘Moneybags Inc. presents’) and production company (‘an XYZ production’) are assumed to have creative responsibility so they belong in the 245, too. The production company and, if applicable, sponsor are listed first, followed by the directors, producers, and writers in the order given on the source. Companies and individuals listed in the 245 should be traced with a 7xx field.

Anyone with creative input other than the cast that seems important can be put in a 508 (Credit Note). Don’t include everyone else who is listed on the container, just the more important. For instance, list the director of photography but not the camera operators. Names appearing in a 508 are not usually traced.
The ‘Rule of Three’ applies to the 245 field: if more than 3 persons or bodies perform the same function, list only the first followed by ‘…[et al.]’. If the others listed are well known and you think should be included in the record, you can put them in the 508. The ‘Rule of Three’ doesn’t apply to the 508 field.
The cast members whose names dominate the list on the container go in the 511 field (Performer Note). Narrators and hosts go in this field, also. If you’re listing cast members, the first indicator is a 1, if listing narrators or hosts, use a 0.

In the bib record, the 511 field appears above the 508. (They are not in numerical order.)

See Tip of the Week #14 (Nov. 2009) for a 5xx field order cheat sheet for DVDs.
Originally published on June 10, 2011.

Tip #18: Subsequent Titles

If the item being cataloged is made up of more than one work by the same author but does not have an inclusive, collective title, use subfield b for the subsequent title(s).
Separate the subsequent titles with a semicolon. This means subfield b is preceded by a semicolon, not a colon.
Transcribe the titles in the order they appear on the chief source of information.
Capitalize the first word of each title.
You can use an a 7xx field to provide access to the subsequent titles.
If a single subtitle applies to all works (by a single author), place it after all the titles, preceded by a colon.

245 12 |aA Christmas kiss ;|b and, Winter wonderland /|cElizabeth Mansfield.
740 02 |aWinter wonderland.

245 14 |aThe cat in the hat |h[videorecording] ;|bThe cat in the hat comes back ; Fox in socks /|cRandom House Home Video.
740 42 |aThe cat in the hat comes back.
740 02 |aFox in socks.

245 10 |aDinny and the witches ;|band, The miracle worker : two plays.
740 42 |aThe miracle worker.

Note that field 246 (varying form of title) is only used for titles related to the work selected as the title proper, not the subsequent titles listed in subfield b.

In cases where one of the works in a resource is predominant, do not follow these guidelines but use the predominant title as the title proper in the 245 and put the other title(s) in a 505 (contents note).
Originally published on January 8, 2010.

Tip #11: Multiple Authors

If there are three or fewer authors:

  • the first named person or corporate body is the main entry and appears in the 1xx field
  • each of the other authors are added entries appearing in 7xx fields

Example title: Volunteer vacations : short-term adventures that will benefit you and others (by) Bill McMillon, Doug Cutchins, and Anne Geissinger.

100 1_ a| McMillon, Bill, |d 1942-
245 10 a| Volunteer vacations : |b short-term adventures that will benefit you and others / |c Bill McMillon, Doug Cutchins, and Anne Geissinger.
700 1_ a| Cutchins, Doug.
700 1_ a| Geissinger, Anne.

If there are more than three authors and principal responsibility is not attributed to anyone:

  • there is no 1xx field
  • the title is the main entry (245 field, first indicator 0)
  • only the first author listed on the title page is named in the statement of responsibility (245, subfield c): “Joe Jones … [et al.].”
  • there is an added entry (7xx) only for the first named person or body responsible.

Example title: American Icon: the fall of Roger Clemens and the rise of steroids in America’s pastime (by) Teri Thompson, Nathaniel Vinton, Michael O’Keeffe, and Christian Red.

(no 100 field)
245 00 a| American icon : |b the fall of Roger Clemens and the rise of steroids in America’s pastime / |c Teri Thompson … [et al.].
700 1_ a| Thompson, Teri.

Originally published on November 6, 2009.

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