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Tip #119: Names with multiple initials – space or no space?

Question: When creating or editing MARC records, is it J.K. Rowling or J. K. Rowling? Is it Rowling, J.K. or Rowling, J.K.?

In the 100, 700, or 800 field, always enter a space between initials of a personal name: Rowling, J. K.
In the 245 field, type the name with no spaces between initials: J.K. Rowling.


100 1_ |a Griffin, W. E. B. (spaces between initials)
245 14 |a The traffickers / |c W.E.B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV. (no spaces)
100 1_ |a Beaton, M. C. (spaces between initials)
245 14 |a There goes the bride / |c M.C. Beaton (no spaces)

In contrast, never put spaces between initials of a corporate name, no matter where it appears in the record.


110 2_ |a J.C. Penney. (no spaces)
260 __ |a New York : |b W.W. Norton, |c 2001. (no spaces)

The basic rule in a nutshell: Anytime a personal or corporate name is in direct order, there are no spaces between the initials. If the format is last name, first name, then put a space between the initials.
Originally published on February 3, 2012.

Tip #83: Series numeration in the Series Statement (490 field)

Evergreen Indiana catalogers are encouraged to add series information to a MARC record whenever appropriate. Because this information is important to library patrons, catalogers often include not just the name of the series, but the numeration as well when adding a series statement.

Although the series name is typically found somewhere on the book, catalogers usually have to go to other sources to find the numeration for the series.

Good sources for series numeration include:

IMPORTANT: Whenever the series numeration comes from a source other than the item in hand, catalogers must do two things in the MARC record:

  1. Put the numeration in brackets in the 490 field to show that the source of the information is someplace other than the book AND
  2. Add a 500 field below the 490 identifying the source of the information.


490 1  ‡a Mercedes Thompson novel ; ‡ v[6]
500     ‡a Series numeration from NoveList.
800 1  ‡a Briggs, Patricia. ‡t Mercy Thompson novels ; ‡v 06.

490 1  ‡a A sweet magnolia novel ; ‡v [7]
500     ‡a Series numeration from Fantastic Fiction website.
800 1  ‡a Woods, Sherryl. ‡t Sweet magnolias ; ‡v 07.

490 1  ‡a Kanner lake series ; ‡v [#1]
500     ‡a Series information obtained from author’s website.
800 1  ‡a Collins, Brandilyn. ‡t Kanner Lake series ; ‡v 01.

If the series numeration is found anywhere on the item in hand (not just the title page), it is not necessary to put the number in brackets.

Reminder: Series numeration belongs only in subfield v, which is always preceded by a semicolon. Don’t forget the space before the semicolon. There is no period at the end of the 490, but there is one at the end of the 8xx field.

More information about series information in Evergreen MARC records can be found on pages 2.18-2.21 of the EI Cataloging Procedures Guide. Also see Cataloging Tip of the Week #55 (October 2010).
Originally published on May 6, 2011.

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