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Tip #34: Some 949 fields can no longer be deleted

Reminder: Some 949 fields can no longer be deleted

Government documents held by the State Library are now in the Evergreen Indiana database. The 949 field of these MARC records identifies the form of the document so it’s important that this field is not deleted.

In the past, we’ve been deleting all 9xx fields except for the 901 and 994. Now the procedure has changed and we also cannot delete a 949 field if it looks like any of the examples below:

949 __ $h SUDOC (for government documents in print)
949 __ $h SUDOCC (for government documents on CD-ROM)
949 __ $h SUDOCF (for government documents on microfiche)
949 __ $h ONLINE (for government documents in an online environment)

All other 949 fields should still be deleted.

The complete list of MARC fields that should be deleted can be found on pages 2.6 – 2.8 of the recently updated EI Cataloging Procedures Guide.
Originally published on April 30, 2010.

Tip #26: Fields to delete in Evergreen MARC records

Whenever you import a new MARC record or select an Evergreen record for your new item, be sure to check it for fields that need to be deleted.

The ‘unwanted’ fields you will most likely find are:

9xx (Delete all EXCEPT for 901 and 994)

The complete list of MARC record fields which should be deleted in Evergreen Indiana can be found on pages 2.7-2.8 of the Cataloging Procedures Guide.

To delete a field, place your cursor somewhere in the targeted row and press both the shift and delete keys.

For more information about using the MARC editor, refer to Chapter 14 of the Evergreen Indiana Cataloging Training Manual.
Originally published on March 5, 2010.

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